You’re all of these things: a career-driven professional, an adventure-seeking explorer, and a homebody who wants to relax in the park on a Sunday. For all of those aspects of you, we’ve created the BIZ option: an all-rounder featuring the Slicks backpack, the Suitcover, and the Tripcover.

With BIZ, you are ready to configure your Slicks endlessly to adapt to your changing travel needs: business, leisure or commute.

Setting: Suitcover, Tripcover, Shirtcover, Laundrybag, Washbag and Raincover included
Dimensions: 52 x 32 x 20cm
Capacity: 30 litres
Weight: pack 1'390g, Suitcover 759g, Tripcover 285g, Shirtcover 216g, Laundrybag 18g, Washbag 133g, Raincover 94g
Zippers and buckles: YKK, ITW-Nexus
Artwork: Black reflective

Designed in Switzerland
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